Personal Injury Law – Attorney Overview

Personal Injury Law – Attorney Overview

Attorneys want to make sure their clients work with a compassionate, competent and uncompromising firm. They frequently don’t want to lose client contact. We understand and provide that. We evaluate any case you bring to us, free of charge. If we can’t add any benefit, we’ll let you know. We may be able to give you a few tools, experts or briefs so that you can complete the case yourself. We may connect you with another lawyer who is better suited than us to handle the case.

At the end of the day we want what is best for your client and your bottom line. Why? Because the lawyers who work with us are repeat customers. Our integrity and reputation is more important than a fee on a single case.


The majority of our cases are referred to us by lawyers. Lawyers who have been happy with the results we’ve obtained for their clients. And notably, lawyers who were opposing counsel in prior cases. We take great pride in this and carefully evaluate every referral. If we need to put a few thousand dollars and substantial hours in to make our determination, we do it. Why? Because any case that is important enough for you to call us deserves a complete analysis.

Once a case is resolved, we distribute fees. We recognize that referrals are the bulk of our business and pay generous referral fees in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct. It is not unusual for our firm’s annual referral fee distributions to exceed some of our competitors’ gross revenues.

Joint Ventures, Associations & Substitutions

You may want someone to help shoulder the load—whether that be financing or facing the jury. We joint venture and associate with lawyers who want help. Some of these lawyers use their newfound knowledge to expand their practices. It allows them to accept and handle bigger cases.

Or, you may want to transfer the load entirely. We can do that. We’ve stepped into cases months, weeks, sometimes days before trial. Lots of lawyers are exceptionally skilled in working up and settling cases. But their successful settlement track record means they don’t see juries very often. For them, weeks in trial can cripple their practice. Let us take over. It allows us to do what we do well and you to focus on your practice. Call us to discuss how we can help.


If your case involves an injury, death or employment issue, we’ve probably dealt with it before or know someone who has. Our success over the years is in part due to the strength, generosity and community engendered by the plaintiff’s bar. We are committed to carrying that knowledge forward. Call us to talk about your issue. We probably have a solution, an expert, a brief, a case or an ally that will make things easier. All we ask in return is that you do the same for other members of our bar.

Whether it be a referral, a joint venture, a substitution, or a consult about a case, we are here to help.

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