Personal Injury Firm Overview

Personal Injury Firm Overview

Founded in 1980, Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn has grown to five lawyers and thirteen staff professionals. We’re a San Francisco-based personal injury firm with national renown for focusing on what we do best: help the injured and victimized get the justice they deserve.

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Our Reputation

The public, our peers, our opponents and judges know us as professionals who take big cases and take on the powerful. They know we get results. Our clients know us as compassionate, approachable and skilled professionals who help them through what are likely to be the most difficult times of their lives. Our clients are diverse and come from all walks of life—tradespeople and executives; doctors and patients; parents, children, and consumers. We’re even asked by judges, mediators, and their families for help when their own lives have been altered without warning.

Our Focus

Personal attention is something every client deserves from a personal injury attorney. We tailor our legal services to meet each individual client’s need. We approach every case as if it is headed for trial, but we also do everything possible so the case settles before trial for the maximum amount. While we are happier in the courtroom than the office, for our clients the certainty of a settlement is frequently better than the risks posed by trial.

We often develop professional relationships and friendships that last long after a particular case has resolved. A client is much more than a discrete business relationship to us. A personal injury client is someone whose life has been dramatically altered –someone who requires help putting the pieces back together. We understand the array of issues that arise after a catastrophic event. It is our goal to provide some of the resources necessary to help our clients become whole again.

Innovation Drives Us

Each case has its own challenges and opportunities. We seek new and more effective ways of approaching issues to help explain the more intricate details and nuances involved. We also incorporate appropriate technology to help simplify the issues for judges and juries alike.

Good Organization Makes the Difference

You want your case resolved. We understand this and focus on resolving it. Sometimes this can be done by identifying a key person or fact and applying the right pressure. While efficient, we never let the ultimate goal of maximizing our client’s recovery—getting top dollar for a case—escape us. As a personal injury firm established over 30 years ago, we run a smooth operation and we advise you about the best way to achieve that result. Sometimes that means doing things the hard way. We never shy away from taking a difficult route. But at the end of the day the path your case takes is your decision. We simply provide you with the tools to make the decision easier.

Experts with Resources

We are more than the sum of our parts. You want talented trial attorneys and personal injury attorneys who are accustomed to resolving complex cases. We’ve got them. You want knowledgeable and compassionate staff to work on your case. We guarantee it. Technologic skill? We run our own courtroom technology unlike most firms that outsource and add the cost to your bill. Armed with the resources in-house ensures that your trial lawyers know the evidence inside out and how to present it. Our distinguished attorneys work efficiently, and the staff at this personal injury firm are second to none.

Experience, drive and creativity, coupled with technical knowledge, is our winning combination.

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Choosing the right lawyer is important. If you've suffered a trauma or need a partner to help fight a personal injury case, why not choose the best? Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn is the law firm that knows what it takes. What it takes to win. Our contingency fee lawyers cost you nothing to consult and take your case. We are paid from what we win for you. Contact us at or complete our short form today. We are here for you.

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