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Personal Injury Case Results

During our decades of practice, we have resolved thousands of personal injury claims. Not all of our results appear on the website. Below is a list of over 70 cases we have tried or settled. We provide them to illustrate the variety and depth of our experience. If you have questions about a case we’ve handled, give us a call at .

If you prefer to see cases broken down by a particular practice area, for example you are interested in pedestrian accidents, you can go to our expertise page, look at the practice area and click on results to see more cases.

Our practice focuses on individuals and families. Every individual is unique. So is ever case and every result. We can’t guarantee a certain result in your case. You should question any lawyer who does. You can learn more about determining case value and how to select a lawyer by following the links.

We also strategize with other lawyers free of charge—our belief is that all clients should get the best results for their cases. If you are a lawyer with a similar case and want material such as sample complaints, discovery, demand packages or trial materials please give us a call.

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