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The decision to move an elderly or disabled loved one into a skilled treatment facility is gut wrenching. But that decision is usually made after the family determines that the home environment does not provide the appropriate care, treatment and safety that the individual deserves.

Even more gut-wrenching is learning that thousands of vulnerable, elderly and disabled residents of skilled facilities suffer from nursing home abuse and neglect every year—and that your loved one is a victim. There are many ways this occurs: bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, medication errors, inadequate staffing, inadequate security, inadequate supervision, sexual assault, unsanitary and unclean conditions, and unexplained injuries that often stem from staff abuse.

At Rouda Feder Tietjen McGuinn, we represent clients who have been injured by nursing home abuse and neglect. We pursue these cases for two reasons—to get compensation for our clients and to shine a light on operators whose homes take advantage of the elderly and disabled.

Recent Results

Elderly man with Parkinson’s ended up engulfed in flames as result of nursing home’s neglect

Rossie B. v. Roe Nursing Home
Resolution: $2.9 million settlement

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