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We all like to think we can handle anything life throws our way. But sometimes, even the strongest and most capable among us needs help. One of those times is after a brain or spinal cord injury.

More than 90,000 Americans suffer brain injuries each year that result in a lasting disability. And 11,000 new spinal cord injuries are reported each year. People who sustain these catastrophic injuries require the assistance of skilled medical professionals. And they also need help from an attorney who is familiar with these complex cases and knows how to get results.

At Rouda Feder Tietjen McGuinn, we have a track record of success in winning financial compensation for clients whom have suffered brain and spinal cord injuries. We retain top medical professionals to evaluate your treatment and your case. We work with certified life-care planners and forensic economists to determine your need for ongoing medical care, rehabilitation, medical equipment, and adaptive technology and equipment. When appropriate, we also have professionals to determine whether you need to make modifications at your home.

Recent Results

Pedestrian Accident – High School Student Struck in Crosswalk

Peter Pedestrian v. Driver
Resolution: The case settled for $1.5 million.

Head Injury – Horse Drawn Carriage Throws Passenger

Julie and Emily Roe v. Red Ranch
Resolution: The case settled for $1.5 million.

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We provide some past cases to illustrate our experience in a particular area. Not all of our cases are published on our site. If you have questions about cases we've handled in a particular area, give us a call. We represent individuals and families. As such, each case and case result is unique. We cannot guarantee an outcome on a case and you should question any lawyer who does. Learn more about determining your case value and how to select a lawyer.

If you are a lawyer with a similar case and want material sample complaints, discovery, demand packages or trial materials please feel free to contact us.

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