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Defective Products Law


Every day there is a new headline about a defective product. Toys with lead paint, dangerous drugs or medical devices, electrical appliances that can start a fire, bunk beds that collapse, children’s strollers that sever fingers—the list goes on and on.

At Rouda Feder Tietjen McGuinn, we are experienced trial lawyers who have a long and successful history of winning financial compensation for clients who have suffered serious personal injuries because of defective products. We have a reputation for getting results for injured clients.

Please contact us for a free consultation if you have been injured by any type of dangerous or defective product.

The key to our success is that we prepare every case for trial. We investigate the case and identify all possible sources of financial compensation, including the product’s manufacturer, vendors who supplied parts or components, the distributor, the retailer, and anyone else involved in the manufacture and distribution of the dangerous product. We hire the necessary experts to demonstrate the product could and should have been made safer.

We pursue fair monetary compensation, including medical and rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, past and future wage loss, lost ability to earn income, and property damages.

Auto Defects

Not all automobiles are created equal. Some may be subject to auto defects. An auto defect is an abnormality or problem in a car or truck that arises through the manufacturing process. Defects can prevent a vehicle from functioning properly and can present a number of safety issues. Defects can include various car parts, including air bags that improperly deploy (or don’t function at all), seat belts, seatbacks, headrests, tires, brakes, gas tanks and rollovers.

In some traffic accidents, it’s not you or the other driver, but your car that is responsible for causing serious injuries or fatalities. Auto defects may lead to accidents despite what we do to be safe, conscientious drivers.

Recent Results

Car Accident Injury – Defective Seat Exacerbates Back Injury in Rear-End Collision

Ron Roe v. Black Repair Shop and Defendant Driver
Resolution: $2.1 million settlement.

Man killed by exploding 100-pound propane cylinders

The Doe Family v. Durnall and Campora Propane, Inc. and Manchester Tank & Equipment Co.
Resolution: $4.85 million settlement. This is one of the highest wrongful death settlements ever reported in San Joaquin County.

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We provide some past cases to illustrate our experience in a particular area. Not all of our cases are published on our site. If you have questions about cases we've handled in a particular area, give us a call. We represent individuals and families. As such, each case and case result is unique. We cannot guarantee an outcome on a case and you should question any lawyer who does. Learn more about determining your case value and how to select a lawyer.

If you are a lawyer with a similar case and want material sample complaints, discovery, demand packages or trial materials please feel free to contact us.

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